Hocus Pocus Classic Women’s Wini Costume


Be a member of the beloved witch trio in this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Wini Costume. You’ll look great while reliving your childhood.

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A Witchy LeaderOne of Bette Midler’s most iconic roles, Winifred is a sinister, cunning, and sometimes comedic witch in Disney’s 1993 film, Hocus Pocus. She is the leader over her two sisters, Sarah and Mary, making the decisions and whipping up new wicked plans. The smartest of the Sanderson sisters, Winifred is the one our protagonists really need to look out for! She’s the one pulling the strings. Now you can be the leader of your own witchy clan when you wear this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Wini Costume!Product DetailsWinifred dresses the most regally of the three sisters. The green and purple fabrics are striking against her bright red hair. This dress is shorter than the original, a more wearable cocktail version. Dark green makes up the outer layer, covering the arms, bodice, and part of the skirts. The full skirt is a lighter green, while a panel of crinkly purple fabric runs down the front of the dress. On the dark green sections of the bodice, golden symbols line each side. Looking for Winifred’s poufy red hair? Check out our website to find this exact wig! Before the DawnThere is so much to do before the sun rises! Lure some children in, take revenge on that Max boy and his friends…no, we’re kidding! But there is much dancing to be had and lots of snacks and laughter before the party is through. To make this costume extra witchy and extra fun, grab some friends to be Sarah and Mary! 

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