Hedwig Knit Beanie


Become Harry Potter’s trusty sidekick with the Hedwig Child/Adult Knit Hat. Featuring two big white poms on the top to look like Hedwig’s tufts!

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Bird BrainYou’re tired of hearing “bird brain” used as an insult around Hogwarts. You’ve never met an obtuse goose. They’re not just flocked around the Black Lake looking tranquil. They have a master plan with the Giant Squid. You’re convinced that’s why they rush picnicking students. Slow crows aren’t real either. They’re cousins to ravens, after all, and know exactly what they’re doing when they perch in the tiny window of a student’s dormitory. Don’t even suggest that a phoenix is foolish for setting itself ablaze, either! Everyone knows that fiery fellow serves more purpose than most. But when it comes to proposing “bird brain” be compliment instead of shade, you can find no flier more brilliant an example than Harry Potter’s faithful friend, Hedwig!Design & DetailsEnsure your idea soars when you add this Hedwig Knit Hat to your wardrobe! The Made By Us exclusive is modeled after Harry Potter’s clever snowy owl and thus starts with a bright white body with two feather-like pompoms. Super-soft faux fur imitates the downy feathers around Hedwig’s face and helps the golden embroidered eyes pop as brightly as the real thing. A black beak is embroidered below the eyes, fully bringing Hedwig’s familiar visage to life! Add the officially licensed accessory to your winter wardrobe for a smart style that provides some warmth. Or let the crafty cap inspire costume and cosplay that’ll have everyone complimenting your bird brain!

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