Hedwig Harry Potter Wing Scarf


This Harry Potter Hedwig Wing Scarf is a licensed accessory that makes a great gift idea for fans! Spread your wings by expanding your Harry Potter collection.

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An Owl’s EmbraceThere are many things that we know about owls. We know of their wisdom. Their keen eyesight. For those who are in-the-know of the Wizarding World, we’re also aware that they are fantastic at delivering letters and packages no matter the season. (Okay, sometimes certain families have owls that have a few issues with on-time arrivals, but it is still pretty impressive.) But did you know that those magical owls with particularly impressive wingspans are also incredible huggers? There’s just something about the feathery feel of their wondrous wings that can have you hovering on air!Design & Details Don’t take our word on it. Buy this officially licensed Harry Potter Hedwig Wing Scarf and you’ll feel the magic for yourself. This lightweight scarf is not only a perfect accent for any outfit thanks to its black and white color scheme. It also gives you a pretty impressive wingspan of your own, thanks to the 78-inch length of its feathered design. Wrap it around your shoulders as a shawl for the full look of Hedwig’s snowy style or give the flowing fabric a flourish around your neck for a modern look that blends with the Wizarding World!

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