Heavenly Hound Pet Costume


You always knew your best friend was an angel, well put that on display in this adorable Heavenly Hound Pet Costume. Complete with praying hands, wings and halo, your little pup will thank you.

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Praying for Pets You can always tell when you are looking down the sweet snout of a pooch that there is something that they want. Usually, they want to head out for a walkie. Occasionally, they’re looking for something snacky. Maybe that food dish is just a bit too empty. But, most often, it’s just attention that they’re looking for. They are practically praying for a scratch behind the ear or a nuzzle on their nose. Of course, sometimes, they’re looking out for their other furry friends, too. Did you know sometimes they are praying that other pets get the attention that they deserve? Product DetailsIt turns out that all of our office pups have been praying all week that your best buddies can join in the fun of being a Heavenly Hound with this pet costume! This is a white and gold dress that features stuffed arms bent into a prayer. Detachable wings let your pup go from a member in the barking choir to the head angel! Complete the look with the elastic golden halo and your four-legged friend is ready to fly! Divine DoggosEveryone knows that all dogs go to heaven. But, that’s because they create such a perfect place for us while they’re here! 

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