Hazy Hippie Costume for Men


Peace and love is all you need, oh, and this Men’s Hazy Hippie Costume! This love could also work for a 60s Mens Halloween Costume, the decades were close!

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The PastYou missed out, man. The 60s were great. You could let your hair grow all the way down to your butt and it was all cool, man. You could just walk barefoot to the park and listen to some psychedelic rock and roll, man. You could, like, just feel the loving vibe floating through the air. And you could, like, just put on your shades and just chill. You could even just hang out in the basement and put a good record on as you just melded in the guitar riffs that tickled your ears if you felt like it. Those were some groovy times, man. If only there were, like, some kind of time machine…But wait, man. Why does all that have to end? You could, like, bring back the 60s, man. Whoa. Like, that’s a really great idea. You just need to start with a really cool and colorful outfit for a 60s mens Halloween costume, like this Hazy Hippie costume.Design & DetailsThe best part of this costume is its simplicity. It comes with just a shirt, but the shirt is packed full of details that any hippie would be proud to wear! It’s a loose fitting style that mimics the look of a traditional dashiki. The loose design makes it a comfortable choice for warm weather. It also has purple floral patterns around the neck, along with green accents. The sleeves also feature purple and green designs. The back of the shirt has a matching pattern to complete the look.That Haze is Purple, ManSo, if you want to feel the chill vibes of the 60s today, then you just need this dashiki-style shirt. You don’t need a time machine, man, and you don’t need tickets to Woodstock. You just need a mellow vibe and this purple hippie costume.

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