Hazardous Waste Costume for Kids


Your young one can now safely melt their face with this Kid’s Hazardous Waste Costume. This thing will grab your attention.

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Don’t Mess with the BestWe’re not afraid to say it. Kids are messy. However, this Halloween your little one can take it to a whole new level. This Hazardous Waste Costume will make that quite easy.It won’t look like a little bit of mud needs to be washed off his face. There’s not a mustard stain on his shirt. It’s not grass stains that will have him looking green. With this costume, he will look like he is popping out a barrel full of green goo. We’re not talking about the fun kind either. This is some seriously nasty stuff.Details & DesignStart with the tunic. The yellow rusted barrel part of the tunic is attached to the seemingly slimy long-sleeve top. The graphics printed all around the tunic are amazingly realistic. At the back of the neckline, there is a button to help secure the tunic on your little one.The ghoulish green mask is next. It stays on your kiddo’s face easily thanks to the elastic band you’ll place around the back of their head. The angry anguished filled details on it are, again, amazing, as well as quite terrifying at the same time.Finally, you have a packet full of slime that comes with the costume. Don’t worry, instructions are included and make it a simple task to attach the slime to the mask. This whole costume is truly kicked up a notch thanks to that.Feel free to go even further. Take a look at the variety of different accessories we have available. This is simply the start, make it a one of a kind costume with any of our scary props or makeup kits!Smell Ya LaterEveryone in the neighborhood will love getting visited by your toxic slime-covered kiddo. Although be sure they’re bathing before trick-or-treating. Just because he’ll look like a barrel of yuck doesn’t mean he needs to smell like one.

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