Haunted House Decorative Lace Tablecloth


Dress up your dining room table this holiday season by adding this Haunted House Decorative Lace Tablecloth. Features a haunted house pattern with touches of black colored lace that is both holiday festive and stylish.

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Setting the SceneHave you always wanted to know what it would feel like to explore a real haunted house with no consequences? You could take your time.  It would really be something to take in the hanging cobwebs, the dusty statues of creepy babies carved into the curving staircase, and the ancient table still set for company that would never gather around for supper. Now, you don’t need to be transported to the setting of an old gothic novel for this vision to come true. Transform your house into an eerie home this Halloween. Paying attention to all the little details in your home with draping spider webs, low lights, and a buffet table that simply pulses with eerie energy. Sure, there’s no curving staircase but there are no real ghosts either. We call that a win-win!Product DetailsThis rectangular tablecloth is a great way to set a spooky yet appetizing scene. It measures out to 54X72 inches, making it a great pick for a table that sits four to six people. Use it to display your 7 layer spiderweb dip, caramel apples, and hot cider, or simply help distribute candy to trick-or-treating ghouls and goblins! No matter how you use it, this tablecloth is sure to make the nightmare of Halloween clean-up a dream!

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