Harry Potter Vintage Hogwarts Slytherin Scarf


Complete your costume or your everyday outfit with this Harry Potter Vintage Hogwarts Slytherin Scarf. This scarf is striped and 100% acrylic.

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Winterized WizardHogwarts gets chilly. It’s over 1000 years old, it’s made of stone bricks, and it’s smack dab in the middle of Scotland somewhere, which means winters get downright brisk. Even magic can’t solve that problem. No worries, though! The cunning students from House Slytherin have come up with a completely ingenious solution to the chilly Hogwarts days… and even muggles can make use of it since it doesn’t require any magic (if you can believe that)! It comes in the form of this simple Harry Potter scarf.Product DetailsThis Harry Potter Vintage Slytherin Scarf is inspired by the wear of the Slytherin wizards! It’s made out of a comfy acrylic material knitted into a 72-inch long scarf. It has gray and green colors to match the Slytherin House emblem. It even comes with a faux leather House emblem appliqued to the end. The tassels on the end add a nice, wizardly touch to the scarf.Cunning Cosplay OptionsIf you plan on crafting a realistic cosplay outfit based on Harry Potter, then you’re going to want proper winter gear! This cozy scarf will help keep you warm even when Hogwarts starts feeling a little chilly around December!

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