Harry Potter Slytherin Uniform Sweater for Adults


Look extra cunning and stylish when you wear this exclusive Adult Slytherin Uniform Harry Potter Sweater. A must have sweater choice to show off your Slytherin House fandom!

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Show Your ColorsThe struggle with Slytherin style is that you show up anywhere in bright green and silver sheen, folks immediately peg you for being some kind of ambitious, near-to-evil, magical deviant! They start muttering under their breath about dark wizards and you-know-who. Well, that’s just unfair! How dare people judge someone just for being sorted into Slytherin. If only there were a way to still show your House pride while having a chance to get close, make some friends, and then use some of that close-range magic to conquer them for once! Design & Details Well, you’ll be happy to know that this officially licensed Harry Potter Slytherin Uniform Sweater will give you just the edge you need to look great and still carry your badge of Slytherin honor. This is a soft cotton sweater, light-weight and breathable, with a v-neck, rib-knit collar so you can really look the part! Faded green accents the cuffs and waistband and the Slytherin crest decorates the chest. You know how you’re sorted, so it’s time to dress in style! Plus, you’ll get that panicked moment once in a while when your friends spot the sigil and go, “Oh… you’re Slytherin!?” 

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