Harry Potter Ravenclaw Infinity Scarf


Show your love for your favorite Hogwarts House when you wear this Ravenclaw Infinity Scarf. It features a grey and navy chevron pattern with the Ravenclaw House emblem on it.

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Style that SoarsIt’s not that Ravenclaw students have their heads in the clouds. However, they are dreamers that live in a high tower lit with soft blue light and decorated with their regal eagle crest. All that surely puts their minds on the skies, even if they keep their feet firmly on the ground. But grounded or not, those eccentric eagles need to spread their wings and express their individual qualities. They want to show that while they’re part of the team, they can soar above their peers when there’s a need. Now, sometimes that comes down to specialized magic, odd experiments, or thoughtful leadership. Other times, it comes down to fashion! But whether bold enough to dress like lilac-loving Lockhart or still shy of radish-earring outfits Lovegood would envy, we have the accessory to fluff your Ravenclaw feathers!Design & DetailsShow your House pride while maintaining your one-of-a-kind style with this versatile Ravenclaw Infinity Scarf! The Made By Us exclusive is composed of a lightweight sheer fabric that features a blue and silver chevron stripe and Ravenclaw crest. With its classic coloring and emblem, the officially licensed scarf is an easy-breezy addition to any Ravenclaw wardrobe. And while lightweight, the scarf’s 20-inch width and 80-inch diameter allow the accessory to be styled in multiple ways. Add warmth to an ensemble by layering or tying the scarf, or leave it loosely looped for an airy appearance!

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