Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Gryffindor Robe Costume


You’re going to be a hit at the Harry Potter theme party in the Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Gryffindor Robe.

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Fortune Favors the BraveFrom the moment Harry Potter was sorted into Gryffindor, he embodied the brave nature that the house is known for. In his first flying lesson, he stands up to Malfoy after he steals Neville’s Remembrall. It’s not long after that before Harry is fighting an escaped troll, helping Hagrid smuggle dragons, and venturing into the Forbidden Forest to confront unicorn murderers. Yeah, all this happens in Sorcerer’s Stone. The first book! Maybe it’s been a while but this kid has some seriously sticky courage. What do you do that takes courage? Is there anything courageous you’d like to do? Maybe you want to take one of those trips that are on your bucket list. Maybe you’d like to publish a short story or try out for a play or apply for a dream job. While it can be easy to talk yourself out of the big challenges of this world, you could try a different tactic. Get back in touch with your inner Gryffindor spirit. If young Harry faced the disembodied Voldermort before his voice even changed, imagine what you can do!Product DetailsThis black robe will make you feel right at home in Hogwarts, or like an expert on magic at a muggle Halloween party. It has slightly flared sleeves, a Gryffindor patch at the chest and a hood lined with the Gryffindor marroon. Simply toss this on, button it at the neck, and pair it with your chosen accessories to become any one of your favorite Gryffindor students. Mischief ManagedAre you ready to venture out as a Gryffindor? Just be warned that Gryffindor students seem to find trouble faster than anyone else. If you find yourself with an urge to peer behind a mysterious door or sneak into the woods while everyone else sticks to the plan, don’t be alarmed. That’s just the way Gryffindor kids are wired. 

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