Harry Potter Kids Ravenclaw Skirt


Represent your Hogwarts House proudly when you wear this Harry Potter Kids Ravenclaw Skirt. This Harry Potter Kids Ravenclaw Skirt will let everyone know you got Ravenclaw intelligence, knowledge, creativity, and wit.

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A Smart ChoiceThe Sorting Hat sang of Ravenclaw, “Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.” And right then and there, your smartypants kid knew that’s exactly where she belonged. Within moments of the Sorting Hat slipping onto her head, it was declared—Ravenclaw!—and just like that, your oldest child became an eagle, just like you. Isn’t it amazing to watch your kids follow in your footsteps at Hogwarts?Since you Ravenclaws are known for your brainiac tendencies, best hop to it and get your child this Kid’s Harry Potter Ravenclaw Skirt! It shows just how proud you are to welcome her into the family house, and it’s a smart choice for any Ravenclaw to sport around Hogwarts.Product DetailsThis skirt features sweet pleats of Ravenclaw’s house colors—blue and silver—against a gray A-line base. The stately house crest is showcased on the left hip and looks authentic, especially when your child chooses to pair this officially licensed skirt with a house-themed tie and new school robes! Halloween ThemeOf course, any muggle kiddo will also love wearing this Ravenclaw look alongside her 3 besties, all decked out in their own house colors. Trick or treating has never been more magical! 

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