Harry Potter Basic Ravenclaw Necktie


Feel confident in your suit and tie when you wear this Harry Potter Ravenclaw Basic Necktie. This tie features light blue stripes on the Ravenclaw solid blue.

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Perfect PresentationYou come from a long line of Ravenclaws, and you’ve been taught the importance of academic success. That’s why you know how important it is to ace your OWLs and final presentations for the term. You have been living in the library, preparing for your oral presentation on Mountain Trolls, and now it’s time to show your class what you’ve got. But…as a Ravenclaw, you’ve also been taught that looking professional is part of the path to success.That’s why you should don this brand new Harry Potter Ravenclaw Necktie for your big day in class today. Its pristine condition will look sharp against your recently-laundered school robes, so you can focus on the content of your work as opposed to your appearance. Just…make sure that after class you kick back in your common room and enjoy a game of wizard chess—you’re still a kid, after all!Product DetailsThis classic tie is officially licensed and features horizontal light blue stripes atop a blue base. You’ll want to perfect that Windsor knot, as this is no clip-on shortcut. Lucky for you, you’ve just learned the spell to tie a perfect tie, and since you’re on castle grounds, you’re free to use it!

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