Half Angel/Half Devil Kit


Are you naughty or nice? This Half Angel/Half Devil Kit will have you feeling both! Half of this headband and wing set is white and angelic looking and the other half is red and devilish looking.

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Finding BalanceYou really want people to acknowledge your kindness. The way you stop to hold the door for a stranger and carry on a genuine conversation with cashiers brings you as much joy as it does those you interact with. You’d also really like to be seen for your edgy side. The fact that you listen to punk and metal exclusively and know how to serve up a joke as well as you can take one impresses anyone lucky enough to witness it. But the angel on your left shoulder is telling you to stay humble and smile while you wave thanks to the car that followed traffic signs correctly. Meanwhile, the devil on your right is begging and bugging for you to ruffle a few feathers and skip a “please” or two.Product DetailsIgnore those pesky spirit guides and choose your own way with this Half Angel/Half Devil Kit! The two-piece set includes the essentials for revealing your dynamic personality. Wear the red and white headband to earn both your halo and horns. Then slip the color-matched wings over your shoulders, and you’ll feel ready to take flight on both devil and angel wings! Pair this simple kit with your favorite clothing for an effortless Halloween costume or statement-making outfit!

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