Gryffindor Heathered Knit Beanie


Represent your house with the Gryffindor Heathered Knit Beanie. Featuring a stripe design with subtle Gryffindor branding.

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Brave BeaniesWhen you attend one of the most prodigious schools in wizarding history, you really want to rep your alma mater. Who doesn’t have a ton of school pride after busting their behinds for 4 years (this especially goes for wizards)? This isn’t so easy when you study magic. First, if any muggles see your merch, you would have to wipe their mind. That is going to get old after a while. Also, you could wear it at home, but your little brother or sister might get jealous, tell mom, and now it’s a thing. We don’t want to share with our siblings either. Whether you are in the sharing mood or not, you should check out our Gryffindor Heathered Knit Warm Beanie.FUN DetailsThis beanie is officially licensed, so you’ll think we got this merchandise directly from Hogwarts. The striped slouch knit beanie fits most, you no need for magic to make it comfortable. This beanie also feature a sewn on faux leather Gryffindor patch on the front and displays the beautiful gold and crimson colors of the legardary house. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will apparate for this Gryffindor Heathered Knit Warm Beanie.

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