Grinch Fuzzy Socks


Get ready to get up to some mischief with these Grinch Fuzzy Socks. These socks are perfect for keeping your toes warm while stealing the joy of Christmas away from everyone.

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Sneak Around in StyleThe Grinch knew that he couldn’t just show up at all of the houses of the Whoville Who’s-Whos and snatch their stuff without a disguise. No! He knew he had to up his game with some gear that would really trick anyone he ran into. He could have gone as a ninja and blended into the night but, given the season, a Santa suit seemed superior. Of course, he also had the advantage of fuzzy feet to smother his steps. If you’re looking to deck out your den for the holidays or slink around for late-night snacks, you might need to take a page out of the Grinch’s guide! Design & Details Be sure that you’re dressed to impress and also feeling cozy while you are on your capers when you have this pair of officially licensed Dr. Seuss Grinch Fuzzy Socks. This pair of lime green socks are plushy and soft as heck, so your feet will surely thank you. The Grinch’s grinning face at the ankles will remind you of all the mischief you could muster while the fuzzy faux fur on top is just an added flair of fun. Now all you need is a reason to slink around the house! 

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