Green Light Up Stitch Mask for Adults


You’re lurking in the shadows, waiting to freak someone out. This Green Light Up Stitch Mask will emit a creepy green light from the stitches on the black mask Battery operated for complete portability.

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The Masked ManSome disguises are more effective than others. Many criminals prefer to wear ski masks to cover their features, while others choose to muffle their faces with a bandanna a la the outlaws of the Wild West. There’s another scary subset, however, that craves the fear factor more than anonymity. Think Freddy Kruger or Michael Myers – not exactly subtle, are they? When it comes to your disguise, you want something that will shock and awe, not something that will be forgotten. Your friends may scream when you leap at them from dark corners, but they’ll have to admit that your mask is memorable!Product Details No other costume necessary – your murderous mask is the only accessory you need! This black plastic mask has wire stitch detail over the eyeholes and mouth that glows an eerie green in the dark. The mask includes a battery pack with demo batteries.

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