Gray Crinkle Dreads Wig


Give your costume a stylish finishing touch with this Gray Crinkle Dreads Wig! This wig could be just the accessory you need to complete your costume this Halloween.

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Body TalksWhether you know it or not, your hair says a lot about you. If it’s carefully styled and curled, you’re patient enough to learn how to use an iron or hot rollers. If it’s cropped close in a buzz cut, you probably do a lot of active things and don’t want hair in your face while you run around. If your hair is dusted with crushed Cheetos and corn chips, you probably need to wash your sheets. And if it’s a mystical color and twisted in gorgeous braids, you are most likely cooler than the average human. Product DetailsGive your costume a crowning touch this Halloween with this Gray Crinkle Dreads Wig! The beautiful, silvery faux-hair dreadlocks cascade from a mesh wig cap all the way to the middle of your back. No need for time-consuming hairdressing: The wig is artfully styled so you can say with complete honesty, “Oh, I woke up like this!” Be Who You Want to BeBesides its obvious beauty, the best thing about this wig is that it can be the basis of many awesome costumes. Want to be a soothsayer this year? A stylish witch? An exotic princess? You can be all of these and more! 

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