Gold Winged Goggles


Bring home the Gold Winged Goggles for Halloween. Featuring a pair of goggles with gold wings coming out of the sides, they will surely make a great accessory for your costume!

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In the windstorm, your stunning, brand new airship is coming apart at its tasteful, decorative seams.You need to do something to keep it all together. Go grab your blowtorch, and your welding gear because you need to start fixing it now. If you don’t get it fixed now the whole ship will go down. Everything you have built gone forever. All the people, the ones who are so loyal to you, will have no home, no job. You better get to work.But oh no, where are your welding goggles? Oh, that’s right, your last pair broke in the last storm. As an inventor or aviator in the steampunk world, you need to have a decent pair of goggles. You live a dangerous life full of explosions, high-speed, winds, and lots of smoke everywhere. You’ll be tinkering with things all the time, and that just gets messy, you know what we mean. As a result you’ve always got to have a pair of goggles handy for your own safety. That and because you know you look pretty awesome in them.Well, we have these Gold Winged Goggles to replace your old pair. These antique-gold-tone plastic goggles feature green-tinted lenses, a length-adjustable elastic band around the back of the head, and faux leather wings attached to the sides. They might not protect your eyes from the brightness of the blow torch, the dust in the wind, and any loose flying metals, but they certainly look the part! And they will let you get on with fixing your ship and adventuring all over. When you are all done, just put them on a top hat so they don’t get lost, or broken again.

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