Gold Snake Armband for Women


Any Egyptian costume will look better when you add this Gold Snake Armband! The snake was a potent symbol for the ancient Egyptians, both for good and for evil.

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Back in ancient Egypt, the cobra was an important symbol. The snake-headed Meretseger was a vengeful goddess who protected the tombs of great leaders, and the cobra was an important symbol of the power of the pharaohs. But as much as Egyptians cherished and respected them for their power and beauty, they also feared the cobra because, well, it’s a cobra. Those things are just plain dangerous, royal icons or not.If you’re going to adorn yourself with venomous snakes, it’s best to stick to the decorative, non-bitey variety. Snake-styled jewelry was another favorite of those ancient Egyptians, and it’s still a timeless look today. It makes sense, really. The physical design of a snake is more or less perfect for any kind of wrap-around apparel. Take this dazzling armband, for instance, featuring a cobra head at one end and tapering down into a pointed tail at the other. The gold-tone metal spiral winds around your arm and is easily adjustable just by bending the wire. Whether you consider real-life snakes something to worship or something to keep the heck away from, this is a pretty piece to add to any ancient-inspired costume.

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