Gogo Rainbow Boots for Girls


Hit the disco with your flashiest foot forward! These Girl’s Rainbow Gogo Boots are the perfect addition to any 70’s disco costume!

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Don’t Make Her Choose!It’s tough. All of the colors are amazing, so choosing just a single one for your little girl’s outfit can feel like an exercise in futility! Red has such a regal appeal to it, while blue is so cool we just can’t stand it. Orange and yellow have that warm and happy feel to them and then there’s the ever clever green. Oh, and don’t forget about the enigmatic purple! We’re still intrigued by the mystery that surrounds purple!So, what color do you choose? Well, perhaps you can just choose them all when you get these girl’s Rainbow Gogo Boots!Product DetailsThese amazing boots capture all of the colors of the rainbow. They’re made out of man-made materials and they even have a zipper on the side for easy fitting. They’re ROY G BIVin’ in full style, featuring all of the colors of the rainbow and they even have a sparkling glitter effect on the exterior. The heel measures 2 inches in back for a retro, 70s feel.Choosing All of the Colors!If your girl loves ALL of the colors of the rainbow, then don’t make her pick a favorite one! Just get her these brilliant rainbow boots to go with her outfit!

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