Glitter Headband Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat


Get this Cat in the Hat Glitter Headband for the biggest fan of Dr. Seuss. This headband is a great addition for any Cat in the Hat costume.

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Reading Into ItDoes your kiddo love to read? Do they love returning to the colorful world of Dr. Seuss over and over again! It’s no wonder. Stories like The Cat in the Hat allow us to explore our slightly mischievous side. They wouldn’t balance a fish in its bowl on a rake or a birthday cake on their head in real life (at least, let’s hope they wouldn’t!) but it sure is watch the chaos unfold in the pages of a book! Product DetailsThis sparkly Cat In the Hat headband features an adorably small version of the Cat’s iconic striped hat between two little ears. Throw it on for a Dr. Seuss day at school or a special library event, and your child will be ready to celebrate their favorite books!It’s Fun to have funBut you have to know how. At least, that’s what the Cat in The Hat says. You don’t have to torment the family fish or cause a mess to have fun! It can start with putting on something a little special! This Cat in the Hat headband allows your child to have fun without being too distracting, making it a great pick for school events. We’d say Seuss would approve!

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