Gladiator General Maximus Helmet for Men


You’ll be ready for an epic battle this Halloween with our exclusively licensed Gladiator General Maximus Helmet! This costume helmet will have you looking your best.

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Some people put on a polo shirt and a name tag when they go to work. Other guys like Maximus Decimus Meridius, well, they put on a frightening armor and grab a sword. Yes, his line of work involves fighting against hordes of enemies in the ring and a polo shirt with a laminated name tag just doesn’t strike fear into blood-crazed foes. A mask that looks like iron death does though!Introducing this fully licensed General Maximus Helmet from the Ridley Scott film, Gladiator! The molded latex mask full recreates the one worn by Russell Crowe, complete with intimidating spikes on the top and pronounced facial features. It might not turn you into a master of arms, or a combat specialist, but it does make you look tough enough to take on a lion with your bare hands. You can pair it with any of our Gladiator costumes to get the best of your opponent inside the Colosseum.

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