Girls Wild Child Monster Costume


If you’ve got a little wild child then you should get her this Girls Wild Child Monster Costume! It’s a fun costume for girls with style.

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What’s Halloween missing these days? The answer is simple: stuff that isn’t scary. Gone are the days of creepies and crawlies, and things that go “bump” in the night. Frightful fun is a thing of the past. Nothing comes out from under the bed anymore. Simply put, there’s a sore lack of monsters in the world these days. Especially on the one day that needs them most. But we bet you can think of a special someone who can change all that: your kid. She’s energetic, off the wall, and is the very antidote to boring. If there’s anyone who can turn the word “monster” into a compliment, it’s her. So this Halloween, let her be her wild self in the Girls Wild Child Monster Costume!Everything about it just screams “her” — it’s colorful, with wild pinks, oranges and yellows. And it’s playful, with an outrageous monster hood, a kaleidoscopic tutu, and plush, faux fur shoe covers that give her instant monster’s feet. Also included are pink sleevelets that stay in place with the help of elastic wrists. This four-piece suit has everything you could possibly need for that all-important first night of monsterhood.A suit like this really makes a statement. And that’s what your little “monster” (remember, it’s a compliment!) is all about. Whether she’s scaring fellow trick-or-treaters or livening up an otherwise boring Halloween party, the Girls Wild Child Monster Costume is the one for her. And if she wants a little help spooking the neighborhood, have the whole gang check out the rest of our outrageous monster costumes!

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