Girl’s Vampire Wig


With all that blood sucking, a young vampire has better things to worry about than her hair. This Girl’s Vampire Wig makes bad hair a thing of history for rogue creatures of the night.

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We know how it is. A young vampire heads out for a late night snack, but just doesn’t have the time to do her hair before she steps outside of her creepy castle. And finding a hairstylist available that late at night? Not going to happen.And before you ask, “Why does it matter what your hair looks like when you are going out to find a drink of blood?,” hear us out. What if the cute, local vampire boy is out for a late-night snack, too? And he just happens to be where you were going to go? Wouldn’t you want to look your best? We thought so.This Gothic style wig makes the whole situation moot, since all it takes is a few seconds to have great hair for a night of blood sucking. This synthetic hair wig is perfect for any girl’s vampire costume this Halloween. This child wig has red streaks and is attached to a mesh net for a comfortable fit!

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