Girls Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Costume


You won’t have to go looking for your favorite princess in another castle with this Girls Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Costume! This costume features Princess Peach’s classic pink dress with a dark pink waist accent and a blue jewel on the chest.

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She’s Leading the KingdomThe Mushroom Kingdom needs strong leadership. In the last 30 years, the place has gone through some pretty crazy times. Bowser has attacked the castle a bajillion times. Angry Goombas roam the lands and Koopa Troopas scuttle along, looking to cause some trouble. Mario Kart racers have been blazing through the streets, seemingly unregulated. If Princess Peach didn’t have the whole place under control, the kingdom would be complete and utter chaos!If your child plans on stepping into the role of Princess Peach, then she’d better ready to lead the whole Mario gang, because they need her strong guidance to do all of the fun things that happen in the Mushroom Kingdom. She’ll also want this officially licensed Supr Mario Deluxe Princess Peah Costume for girls!Product DetailsThis girl’s costume transforms your child into the classic Nintendo character from the Super Mario Bros video games! The costume starts with a pink satin dress modeled after the one worn by Peach. It comes with puffy sleeves, a faux gemstone in the front, and a fuchsia collar around the neck. It also features a petticoat with tulle around the hemline to add an elegant and voluminous style. Finally, every princess needs her crown! This costume comes with a gold crown with blue and red faux gemstones around the exterior. Just place it on your girl’s head and she’ll be ready to rule over all of the Mushroom People!Beware of BowserWhether your girl wants to head on an adventure with the Mario Bros, or if she wants to lead the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, this Princess Peach Costume is the perfect outfit for her! Just make sure she has a plan for when Bowser shows up, because there’s a big chance he’ll show his ugly mug around your place!

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