Girls Spoiled Ticket Winner Costume


Get your frowns and tantrums ready for this fit because when you dress in the Kids Spoiled Ticket Winner Costume you are bound to get your way…or else!

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Spoiled rottenDo you have a true little princess in your family? Maybe you spoil her a little too much, but it’s just because you love her so darn much and want her to always be happy! What’s the harm in that? Sure, she breaks down in great heaving sobs when she receives the “wrong” doll as a present for Christmas, but that’s pretty normal, isn’t it? Maybe she refuses to eat her vegetables and only lives off cake and ice cream, but that’s typical for kids are her age. And maybe she has a habit of opening presents at birthday parties that aren’t for her, but she just gets excited! She deserves those presents! She deserves anything she wants, whether it’s a frilly dress or a pony or even an Apache helicopter. If it will make her happy, if it will stop the tantrum… Oh, please, let it stop the tantrum… Please, just once, if she would just not scream just once… Please, we’re begging you… Here, how about a new toy? A candy bar? The entire contents of a shopping mall? Please, don’t cry!Product DetailsThis Kid’s Spoiled Ticket Winner Costume is exactly what your princess needs for her next fall-down-screaming temper tantrum. The red long-sleeved dress features decorative black fabric-covered front buttons, a sewn-in black waist sash, a white Peter Pan collar and white sleeve cuffs. The exclusive costume is 100 percent polyester poplin fabric and has a back zipper for easy wear. As soon as your darling angel sees this costume, we guarantee she’ll want it… now!An outfit to scream forOkay, maybe your little angel isn’t very angelic. But you know that she’ll stop screaming as soon as you give her what she really wants, and we know that the key is this Kid’s Spoiled Ticket Winner Costume… at least until she sees a goose that lays golden eggs. Or trained squirrels. Or…

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