Girls Prairie Girl Costume


Step back in time with this Prairie Girl costume for girls. Made of 100% polyester, this floral print dress also includes a full-length pinafore apron and bonnet with chin ties.

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Life as a PioneerThe pioneers were brave people. A picturesque life on the prairie included all sorts of dangers. Relentlessly hot summers gave way to brutally cold winters. People would look up from their work when and see a wall of prairie fires headed toward their farm, growing taller with each foot of grass that was consumed. Then there were the terrifying swarms of locusts that not only ate the crops but would devour the clothes and the clothes line if the laundry hadn’t been brought in fast enough.So why, after all that trouble, do we remember the days of the pioneer so fondly? It was a time of hope. Those people with limited options who had only known the crowded city streets of coastal cities could find a place where they could watch the sunset and rise on an open horizon. They could build something all their own and truly be free. The communities out there were the definition of tightly knit. And how awesome would it have been to travel by covered wagon?Product DetailsWhen your daughter dresses as in this dress, she’ll feel as free as that pioneer girl collecting herbs and roots on the prairie. You can almost imagine the larks singing in the grasses as she spins around in the long skirt. Whether she’s starring as the charming Laura Ingalls Wilder for in the school play or the whole family is headed to a Rendezvous, this costume will make you feel sentimental for that sun-washed, simple time. One thing is for sure, it’s hard not to get into character in this ensemble. Next thing you know she’ll want to trade in her tablet for hoop and stick game.

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