Girl’s Peace & Love Hippie Costume


The 70’s are back with this Girl’s Peace & Love Hippie Costume. The fun, colorful, graphic print features butterflies and flowers to give her the free-spirited look of the era.

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Greenwich Village or BustDoes your groovy flower child want to travel to a time rich with art and music? Well, she’ll have to pick the right place as well, otherwise, she might get stuck in a living room decorated with plaid wallpaper watching American Bandstand on television. Not all places were equally groovy. No one was singing about traveling to Davenport Iowa with flowers in their hair.For a fully authentic experience, we suggest that your child boards a VW Bus time machine headed to Greenwich Village in New York. In that time and place, she’d see artists selling their originals on the streets. She’d hear people working together to create a new kind of music in the city parks. And yes, she’d probably run into a few protests for the progress of peace, love, and harmony. Lucky for her, she’s got the right costume to celebrate every sixties scenario. Design & DetailsAny rad kid will love the bright colors of this dress. This Made by Us has a comfortable and mod look with a bright, colorful date top. It’s accented with a bright red band and bright pink plastic circles around the waist. The A-line cut will make your little one feel as cool as all those stars rocking out at Studio 64. VW School BusIt’s time to add a little more peace, love, and harmony in your child’s life. Make this look picture perfect with a bright pair of leggings, chunky bright jewelry, a thick headband, and groovy sunglasses. Soon enough your kid will be blasting The Grateful Dead in her room while she applies patchouli.Actually though… we’re not going to take the blame for the Patchouli. But we would love to see the gorgeous sixties style photos. Whether you’re dressing up the whole family or your little one is dressing up solo, she’s sure to get into groovy character when she’s wearing this bright costume. Finally, a little more peace, love, and harmony!

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