Girl’s Patchwork Scarecrow Costume


Your child won’t be scaring many crows in this Girl’s Patchwork Scarecrow Costume, but she will look cute as a button! This scarecrow costume features a quilted patchwork dress with fringed straw accents.

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Field of StudyThe National Scarecrow convention is always an exciting get-together. It’s a much needed social event after baking in the fields all summer and scaring away pesky crows and getting tourists to stop in and sip some hot cider at roadside apple orchards. Every December, after the autumn decor season, scarecrows line up to attend lectures on keeping your scare techniques fresh (last year’s most popular speech was about incorporating mirrors into the scare-look). They get together and laugh over the fiasco’s of last year, talk about the latest scarecrows featured in movies, and share secrets of the trade. Now, if your little one is just breaking into the scarecrow scene, she doesn’t need to worry about getting tickets to this year’s convention. She’s sure to do a great job. But when she gets a little older she should totally go for it. After all, there ain’t no party like a scarecrow party!Product DetailsThis patchy scarecrow costume is sure to be utterly picturesque when she’s posing in any autumn setting. The brown, maroon, and yellow color scheme will make it possible to almost smell the cinnamon and apples of the autumn season. The fit and flare dress has a pinafore-style front and a crafty skirt with fringe, ruffles, and a printed patch. The collar, sleeves, and hem all have a bit of fringe that’s a little like straw without the scratch factor. It’s topped with a conical hat that’s trimmed with a bit of rope and a cheery sunflower. A Costume to Crow AboutAre you ready for your child to rock a perfectly photogenic costume? This costume is perfect for any fall festival. Easily paired with a variety of classic Halloween costumes such as pumpkins and ghosts, you’ll love having a timeless Halloween. Forget about the tricks, this Halloween will be a real treat!

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