Girl’s Deluxe Fancy Nancy Costume


This Girl’s Deluxe Fancy Nancy Costume is a fun way to play dress up after spending Halloween as her favorite glamorous character, Fancy Nancy!

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Fanciful Days Lately, you’ve been noticing things in your house slowly changing. Last week, you sensed a sheen in your socks and tees, like someone had added glitter to the laundry detergent. Over the weekend, you noticed the dog’s leash had been replaced by a feather boa, and yesterday you put on your raincoat, only to discovered it had been painted pink. Today, when you grabbed the box of cereal, you realized all of the letters on the box had been outlined in sequins. Odd.But we’re jealous! That sounds like a pretty fun house you’re living in. Also, we think we know what’s been going on. Your girl has recently discovered Fancy Nancy, and now your whole life appears boring and uninspired to her super-fancy eye. It’s a fun and playful time for her, which is amazing, but you may want to hide the glue and glitter for a while and give the dog a heads up—she’s definitely headed for a super-fancy hairdo! With Halloween approaching, this Girl’s Deluxe Fancy Nancy Costume will light up her life and turn even pedestrian trick-or-treating into a swanky soiree (fancy French for “party”) of the senses!Product DetailsThis dress is a fun (and non-glitter) way to embellish—that’s a fancy word for “decorate”—her day. It’s a fancy yellow top with a fancy purple bauble “necklace,” over a pink fancy skirt. There is a fancy blue belt with a fancy bow, and fancy striped leggings…you get the idea. It’s a fancy dress! She’ll need a fancy tiara and fancy shoes to tie the look together, but we bet those are just things she has laying around her fancy room already!Ooh-La-LaSo, before your little fashionista takes her chic crafting to the family car, slip her into this Fancy Nancy dress and she can satisfy all her elegant needs. Encourage her creativity and joy; just, you know, don’t let her do too much permanent damage! 

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