Girl’s Deluxe Black Hooded Robe Costume


There’s a lot of mischievery and evil deeds that can be accomplished when your girl is cloaked in the mystery of this Deluxe Black Hooded Robe!

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Every girl needs a good cloak; it’s a wardrobe essential. Whether she wants to look her best before her date with Frankenstein or is trying to ward off the chill of the night air as she gathers toadstools and eye of newt in the damp forest, this long black robe will do the trick (or treat!). Vampires are particularly fond of the dramatic effect the flowing, bell sleeves have on their victims.Not only does black simply go with everything, but it also keeps you warm — unless, of course, you are the living dead. Then, no. Not even a raging fire will warm you up. You can even hide extra layers underneath this robe (long johns, turtlenecks, a maggot or two for a midnight snack) and no one will be the wiser.If it only had the powers of invisibility, like an elfin cloak, it would be perfect.

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