Girls Clear Princess Shoes


Have your little one feeling like a royal princess when they put these Girls Clear Princess Shoes on to go to the ball. These Girls Clear Princess Shoes are the perfect accessory for their princess costume!

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On the RunPrincesses are never all dressed up with nowhere to go. There are balls to attend. Charmed deadlines to meet. Straw to spin into gold. Something about those ball gowns just attracts storybook drama. As soon as your kiddo slips into this pair of crystal clear princess shoes, you might find that they become a little busier as well. This might include dancing around the living room with your pet dog. Or they might be making magic sand cupcakes in the backyard. Hey, they might even be going trick or treating. Whatever your princess is up to, you can be sure that it feels more magical than ever once they slip into these shoes!Product DetailsThese clear shoes have a low high heel to make them oh-so-danceable. The material has an iridescent shine for a crystal image. The toes are complete with show-stopping silver butterflies. The bottom of the shoes are complete with anti-skid rubber, making your fairy tale shoes perfect for trick-or-treating, dancing, and spinning without slipping (not a very princessy activity). Whether you pair the glass slippers with a fluffy dress or these are simply slipped on to add an element of magic to playtime, this is a wonderful way to bring fairytales to life!

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