Girl’s Cavalier Buccaneer Costume


Go on a seafaring adventure in search of buried treasure with the Girl’s Cavalier Buccaneer Costume. Find the chests or a town to loot, the adventures are yours to create when your imagination runs free.

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Pirate Style Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! You’re the fiercest pirate to ever sail the world’s oceans. Even Blackbeard himself gives you a wide berth! The secret to your success is your incredible courage, epic daring, and your swaggering image. It’s not enough to just be amazing – you have to look amazing too! Once you run up the Jolly Roger and board a richly-laden merchant vessel, you want to intimidate your prey into giving you all of their gold and jewels without a fight. It would be harder to convince a rival captain that you’re a threat if you’re wearing sweatpants and jeans! Product DetailsIt’s a pirate’s life for you when you wear this exclusive Cavalier Bucanneer Girl’s Costume! Sail the seven seas and strike terror into the hearts of honest merchant seamen as you plunder and pillage your way through the Spanish main in a legendarily dashing outfit. The cream-colored, tunic-length poplin shirt fastens up the front with gold-tone buttons. Slightly puffy sleeves and elastic in the ruffled wrists makes the shirt both practical and stylish for climbing riggings and peering through telescopes. Faux suede vest panels are sewn to the front of the shirt for an extra touch of swagger. A red-and-white-striped head scarf and red sash enhance your freebooting image. Buckle the faux leather belt over the shirt to complement the high faux suede boot tops and prepare to board! All Hands to the Ready! Shiver me timbers! You’re about to become the most famous pirate on your block! They’ll be talking about you in history books for years to come. 

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