Ghoul In The Graveyard Costume for Kids


Your kid will be plenty creepy in this Kids Ghoul In The Graveyard Costume. Heads will turn as they shuffle along the sidewalk in search of treats.

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Cute No MoreWell, here we are. Your child doesn’t want to wear a “cute” costume anymore. They don’t want to pose for some cute social media pictures. They don’t want adults to utter, “Awwwww” when they see their costume for Halloween this year. Your child wants to look like some kind of scary creature that crawled out of a haunted graveyard. You know, something with tons of gloomy colors and maybe some fake blood or black drool dripping out of their mouths to really gross out their friends. They grow up so fast… don’t they?Well, we’re here to help you out! This Ghoul in the Graveyard costume is one putrid-looking costume that will give you an uneasy feeling deep inside of your guts. Your kid is gonna love it!Product DetailsIf your child is looking for something freaky and gross to wear this Halloween, then this kid’s zombie costume is definitely the way to go. The gray robe is a pretty simple robe that has tattered edges to give it that tattered, undead sort of look. It also comes with black mesh netting that fits around the exterior for added ghoulishness. But let’s cut to the chase. The real standout piece of this costume has to be the mask. It’s molded to look like a rotting zombie’s face, complete with synthetic hair fiber on the top. The mouth has black, tar-like drool dripping from it’s mouth. You can even stretch it out for added gross-factor! Go ahead and zoom in on the mask to see it. It’s really disgusting, which is great for any kid who’s looking for a gut-wrenching costume.The Grossest GhoulIf your child wants to top all of their friends when it comes to freaky costumes this Halloween, then you’ve found THE costume for them… unless, of course, you can convince them to dress up in an adorable sailor costume! (Good luck.)

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