Ghostbusters Stay Puft Bubble Costume for Toddlers


Most people would run in fear from the Stay Puft Marshmallow. But, when your Toddler puts on this Ghostbusters Stay Puft Bubble Costume they will be too adorable for people to be afraid.

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Campfire TalesThe Stay Puft Marshmallow has a bad rap ever since he was called to destroy the city in Ghostbusters. But not all Stay Puft Marshmallows are destructive! While researching Ghostbuster characters, we’ve met quite a few sweet little Stay Puft Marshmallows. Our favorite Ghostbuster meet-up was when we met a few Stay Pufts that ran a summer camp. We visited the camp on s’more night. Little chefs around the campfire were taught to toast the perfect marshmallow and slip them onto delicious bars of chocolate on Graham crackers. What a handy life skill! We think that the little one in your life can clear the Stay Puft name in this sweet Made By Us bubble costume. Design & DetailsThis fully-licensed Ghostbuster costume was designed by our in-house creative team. The one-piece suit has high-waisted bubble shorts and puffed sleeves for a marshmallow look. The square Navy collar has a red ascot layered underneath. Zipping up the back, the suit is easy to slip on over a pair of white tights, as seen here. The cap with “Stay Puft” printed on the blue band will let the world know that even though your child isn’t towering over New York City, they’re still the Stay Puft Marshmallow!Trick-or-treat SweetHalloween trick-or-treating only happens once a year. Make sure this year is sweet with a hint of Ghostbuster spookiness with this Stay Puft costume. Want to trick-or-treat with the whole family? This costume can be paired with the rest of our licensed Ghostbuster costumes. All the “busters” with proton packs, Slimer, and even the Ghostbuster logo can be found in a variety of styles and sizes to let everyone get involved. Whether your child is dressed as a solo Stay Puft Marshmallow or with a team, she’s sure to take the town by storm this Halloween!

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