Ghostbusters Infant Dress Costume


Start your little one early in saving the world of ghosts with this Infant Ghostbusters Dress Costume. The ghosts do not stand a chance against the cuteness that will be your child.

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No Fear Here! Other children would probably be frightened at the idea of a ghostie in their closet. Not your fearless little one! The sight of a floating, slimy creatures would probably make her laugh (she laughs a lot, actually) and then she’d probably want to know if she can use it as a teething toy. She’d be only to happy to roll around in the Ecto 1 – it looks carseat compatible – and help blast ghosts into the afterlife with her proton pack. Product DetailsOutfit your little daredevil in this officially licensed, exclusive Ghostbusters Dress Infant Costume! The knee-length pullover dress is made of polyester-and-spandex-blend khaki fabric with just enough stretch to make it super comfortable for little wiggle worms. A center front zipper and a drawstring waistband that can be tied in a bow are features that make it extra adorable and extra comfortable. A collar and two faux pockets on the chest make the it look like the Ghostbusters’ classic work uniforms. The elbow-length sleeves have rolled cuffs that are fastened with button straps, and the right sleeve is sewn with a black, red and white Ghostbusters symbol patch. The dress comes with four interchangeable name patches bearing the names of Stanz Venkman, Spengler and Zedder, depending on which famous Ghostbuster your infant wants to be. A red cuddle plush headband bow fits over her head and is decorated with another Ghostbusters patch. Who Ya Gonna Call?If your child is up a lot in the middle of the night anyway, it makes sense that she would pursue a career getting rid of the kind of the creatures that only come out in the wee hours. This costume will make her look like the cutest exorcist ever! 

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