Ghostbusters: Cosplay Proton Pack Backpack w/ Wand


Get the ultimate Cosplay Proton Pack with the Ghostbusters Cosplay Proton Pack w/ Wand Costume Accessory.

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Serious, Scientific StakesWe know how a Proton Pack works. Old news. High-energy positrons collide, creating a proton beam which, in turn, allows the Ghostbuster to hold the negatively charged ectoplasmic entities in place, making it possible to then deposit the ghost in a trap? Yeah, if we’re remembering it right, that’s how the proton pack goes down. Unfortunately, when our in-house designers were putting together a real-life neutrona wand, there were some serious issues. They let the buyers try out the first version and it wasn’t long before someone was crying and a wall was knocked down in the accounting department. Yeah, there’s just no way to make a proton beam safe for mass-consumption. So we came up with this costume pack instead. Sure, it doesn’t shoot beams of light or stop ghosts in their tracks but it’s definitely more party-friendly. Turns out, that’s what people are looking for when they’re looking for Halloween costumes.Details & DesignOur in-house designers had a lot of fun coming up with this licensed Ghostbuster Proton Pack. The structured bag has molded elements that are printed with mechanical details. A somewhat unsafe looking wire connects one mysterious machine part to another. Vents and wires stick out throughout the back while the wand winds out of the side, giving you access to your ghost stunning powers without fiddling with your pack. Your Next HauntCreating a Ghostbuster look that fits your next occasion is easy. Hunting down a classic grey lady in the Tower of London? You’ll probably want to pair your pack with a jumpsuit. Setting off for the haunted Queen Mary in California? Well, with that hot weather you might want to wear a Ghostbusters dress. It’s your haunting, you decide what to wear. Just remember, crossing streams might result in you and your team having a real blast!

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