Ghostbusters Cosplay Kids Proton Pack with Wand


Gear up to fend off ghosts with our officially licensed Ghostbusters Cosplay Kids Proton Pack with Wand.

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Time to Make the CallWhat was that? Is that… a spooky sound coming from the basement? Sounds like you could use a Ghostbuster in your home to check it out! Actually, you might already have a rookie Ghostbuster in your home who’s ready to do a little paranormal investigation. We’re talking about your child!That’s right! Your brave young one could be the perfect Ghostbuster. All your child needs is a little bit of courage, some witty one-liners, and, of course, this officially licensed Ghostbusters Cosplay Proton Pack for kids! It’s the easiest way to turn your child into the newest rookie Ghostbuster.Product DetailsThis Ghostbusters Proton Pack captures tons of great details from the 1984 movie! The pack has a combination of printed details, faux wires, and plastic tubing to recreate the look of the iconic piece of Ghostbusting gear. It has adjustable shoulder straps and a zippered compartment, so your child can store things inside of it like a backpack. The neutrona wand is made out of foam and it attaches to the side of the pack with a hook and loop fastener. Just pair it up with any of our authentic Ghostbusters cosplay outfits to get your child ready to check for ghosts in your home!

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