German Alpine Grey Hat


Heading to Oktoberfest or any German gathering? If so, this Grey German Alpine Hat is the perfect addition to your authentic German costume!

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Can’t Miss the SwissGreen valley mountain views. A crispy wiener schnitzel for dinner after skiing all day. Sleeping in mountain huts after hiking across mountain passes for hours. It seems like we could use a little more Alps in our lives. How about you? Are you ready to embrace your inner yodeler? You might not be able to buy a ticket to Bavaria or Switzerland tomorrow but you can work a little more of that mountain culture into your costume wardrobe. Top off your Oktoberfest costume with this Alpine hat and you’ll feel just a little closer to the Matterhorn!Product DetailsThis light-weight felt hat looks like it’s straight out of Germany. The traditional mountain hat has a bit of a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes on a sunny day at the beer gardens. It’s trimmed with the German colors to make sure everyone knows where your head is. What’s the Matterhorn?Work a mountainous feel into your wardrobe. This hat will look great with our lederhosen or dirndl costume. Choose a look that suits your personality. Just be sure to keep your footwear sensible, you never know when you’ll be invited to do some mountaintop yodeling!

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