Gandalf Knit Scarf


The Gandalf Knit Scarf is a gray scarf modeled after the robes that Gandalf wears in the Lord of the Rings. Add this to your costume to look cool and stay warm!

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Buy, You Fools!Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Mithrandir, Tharkun, Olorin…this wizard is a man of many names, but that is what happens when you are a Tolkien creation! Under any name, he is loved by Lord of the Rings fans everywhere. His fame grew even more massive with Ian McKellen’s masterful interpretation of the character. Tolkien fans, it’s time to add this Gandalf Knit Scarf to your regular wardrobe or costume box! Whether you are headed to a convention or just to the grocery store, this scarf will add an element of high fantasy to your day. Product DetailsThis understated gray scarf is adaptable to many situations, much like the wizard himself. Put on a long gray robe and beard with this scarf, and you will be Gandalf incarnate. Throw it on with a gray shirt or pants, or a dress, for a more subtle wizard look. Or just wear it with your regular clothes! No one will be the wiser, and you will have a fun secret about the magical item around your neck. If you’re looking for more Gandalf accessories, check out our website! We have kid and adult size costumes, and even his signature pipe.

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