Funshine Bear Knit Hat


This Funshine Bear Knit Hat is sure to bring some joy to any Care Bears fan in your life! Sporting the adorable, sunny face we all love is sure to make you smile.

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A Sunny DispositionMost of the Care Bears have a special power that goes along with their belly badge and their name. Share Bear can duplicate things, Cheer Bear can make rainbows, and Bedtime Bear can chase away nightmares. Funshine Bear can light up a room in more ways than one! He can create sunbeams with his belly badge to literally make the day brighter, while his perky personality makes everyone feel lighter in a more figurative sense. We hope this adorable accessory will keep you feeling bright and ready to spread love just like the Care Bears!Design & DetailsBring some brightness to your wardrobe with this Funshine Bear Knit Hat! It features Funshine Bear’s cheerful face on the front and has a pair of ears on top to help your outfit look perky. Although this knit hat doesn’t literally light up, the soft fabric is a cheerful yellow color, and we hope it will bring a smile to your face whenever you put it on!

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