Frozen Queen Anna Deluxe Costume for Girls


Have your child standing tall and proud as the Queen of Arendelle when she wears this Frozen Queen Anna Deluxe Costume for Girls. This Frozen Queen Anna Deluxe Costume for Girls is a must have costume especially for any little girl who loves Frozen and Qu

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Future QueenWhen your little one was a baby, you used to hold her and wonder just what she would become in life. Will she be an engineer? Or an astronaut? Will she be kind, brave, and generous (of course she will!)? Will she have a favorite color? A favorite animal? A favorite food? Will she ever (ever) sleep through the night? But now that your baby is a big kid, it’s easy to see her for what she is: Queen Anna of Arendelle! Wow, you didn’t see that one coming all those years ago. Give your sweetheart the chance of a lifetime—to step into the role she feels she was born to play—with this Girl’s Frozen Queen Anna Deluxe Costume. In it, she can become her favorite character, and spend hours imagining she’s the Queen of Arendelle, a kind, brave, generous ruler with a heart of gold. Product DetailsThis deluxe costume is officially licensed and features Anna’s dress and cape from the film. The velour bodice has glittery graphics, a square neckline, and long sleeves, and the satin skirt is inset with tulle. The cape is lined in purple and attaches via a hook and loop fastener. It’s a true replica of Anna’s signature look.Frozen in TimeNow, you may still not know what your gal will grow up to become, but you can see plainly the answer to at least one of your questions: What will her favorite movie be? Your kid has been obsessed with Frozen since it came out, and she’s nothing if not persistent and loyal, just like Anna! 

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