Frozen Girls Anna Union Suit


This Frozen Girls Anna Union Suit is great for any fan of the Crown Princess of Arendelle. Ideal for a comfy Halloween costume, or just lounging around the house, this is a must!

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Practical FashionWho says you can’t look fabulous and be ready for adventure? Certainly not kids! Just think of the epic journey’s they’ve watched on screen and imagined in dreams. Princesses in beautiful gowns ride into treacherous landscapes full of unknown dangers. They scale impossible obstacles in sparkling ensembles while keeping their hair perfectly coiffed and their determination burning. Imagine if those princesses let their outfits get in the way. Imagine if they listened to anyone that believed style and practicality can’t be combined. Stories like Frozen would never have unfolded before everyone’s eyes.Now, we can’t say dresses make the best mountain climbing gear or warmest winter ensembles, but they do inspire avid fans to imagine their own adventures while dressing like they’re heading to a coronation—and we’re okay with that! And yet, we’ve found one better! Your child will be ready to bring fashion and exploration together with this Anna Frozen Union Suit!Product DetailsLet your child stick to the gorgeous look of Anna’s coronation dress while enjoying a wild playtime in this officially licensed jumpsuit! The front-zippered onesie is inspired by her stunning gown and the eye-catching rosemaling that gives the adventurous character her princess-worthy look. When they pull the hood up, they’ll be totally transformed into their favorite Frozen character with the pigtails to match! Whether they’re cuddling up for a good night’s sleep or journeying through Arendelle at playtime, this cozy jumpsuit will have them ready for it all!Adventure-ReadyAnna made most things look easy in the Frozen series, well except climbing an icy mountain, while wearing a dress. She always looked great while following her passions and working to save the people and things she loved best. Now, with this Anna Frozen Union Suit, your child can too! But this time around, they’ll have the freedom to move in a cozy, adventure-ready, jumpsuit!

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