Frozen Elsa Classic Toddler Costume


This Frozen Elsa Classic Toddler Costume is the perfect look for any little girl who’d like to be a princess! She might not have her powers yet, but she can have an adorable Disney look!

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Let It GoHow many times have you heard that phrase? Frozen isn’t just a movie. It’s kind of just a phase that your child goes through. With an amazing soundtrack, magnetic characters, and an epic story, kids love it so much that, for a while, it’s the only movie that they’ll watch!Once your little one has learned all of the songs and recites all of Olaf’s goofy jokes, we think it’s time for the next step. It might just be time for your little one to actually transform into Elsa! When you have this Frozen Elsa Costume for kids, your toddler can easily become their favorite Disney Princess in an instant. The costume comes with everything they need to sing their way to Arendelle!Product DetailsThis costume comes with a light blue dress that’s inspired by Elsa’s dress from the Frozen films. The dress fits with a simple fastener in the back and has a nylon bodice front overlay. The dress has plenty of glitter accents to help give your child a magical and sparkly look, almost as if she’s harnessing the power of ice magic! The dress also has a silver braid neckline to help continue this brilliant effect! Put it all together and your little one will be ready to sing Let it Go one more time, but as the Disney Princess herself!

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