Friday the 13th Jason Mask Part 4 Prop Replica


You can transform into a perfect version of Jason Voorhees this Halloween with this officially licensed Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter Jason Prop Replica Mask!

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One Killer MaskDo you want to bring one of the most famous horror movie icons to life this Halloween? Maybe you’re just a huge fan of the Friday the 13th film franchise. Either way, we have just what you need. Grab this Friday the 13th Jason Mask Part 4 Prop Replica and embrace the nightmare. This replica has all the wear-and-tear of the original seen in The Final Chapter. There are scratches, scrapes, smudges, and even the bloodstained cut on the upper left-hand side of the mask. Display this mask in your home as the perfect Halloween decoration or wear it out to the costume parties. Whether it’s on your fireplace mantle or on your face, you’ll be sure to scare plenty of friends with this terrifyingly accurate prop replica.Product Details This mask is made up of 100% man-made materials. The details were painted on with extreme accuracy. Thanks to the eye openings and smaller holes all over the mask, you will have no problem seeing or breathing. The elastic tri-style band straps will keep the mask securely on your head. This officially licensed prop replica is recommended for ages 17 and up. Now go out and have a killer time this Halloween! 

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