Frankenstein Monster Treat Bowl


Hold all of your favorite Halloween treats in your new favorite Frankenstein Monster Halloween Treat Bowl. This unique treat bowl will look great with your spooky decor!

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He’s Really a Big SoftieFrankenstein’s famous monster has always been misunderstood. He didn’t ask to be sewn together from random corpse parts and brought to life, but now that he’s here, he just wants a hug. Sure, his ghastly skin tone and black lips might be a little off-putting, but everyone has bad days in the appearance department. Turns out he can be a pretty friendly guy if shown a little love. For instance, he’ll gladly loan out his head to delight the neighborhood children while they trick-or-treat. What a good team player! Product Details Inspire squeals and giggles with this Frankenstein Monster Treat Bowl! The carved foam rubber bowl is 18 inches high and has a basin that measures seven and a half inches across and three inches deep – perfect for holding some delicious treats for trick-or-treaters. It’s colored to look like the classic ghoul made famous by the 1931 film. Use it all October long for some seasonal fun. Some monsters are nice to have around! 

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