Fox Furry Tail and Headband Kit


Dress up as your favorite furry friend in this Fox Furry Headband & Tail Kit. This kit will allow you to complete your Fox costume perfectly, all you need is a black top and pants!

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A Sly ChoiceLook at you! Aren’t you popular? You have so much going on this Halloween, you can barely keep track. You’re due to present your big pitch at the morning meeting, but there is also the school performance midday you must make it to. And your BFF’s big bash is after your dinner meeting with a client, but you also can’t forget Halloween cake and costume contests at the office in the afternoon! You told your department you’d dress up. Whew! This holiday seems like it’s going to be a whirlwind.You’ll need something portable and easy to slip on and off throughout the day, but that still makes a big visual impact. This Furry Fox Kit is a clever choice for a Halloween look that’s as adaptable as it is adorable!Product DetailsThis set is so simple, but when you see it on, you’ll know that sometimes simple is best! This kit comes with an attachable faux fur fox tail and a cute little fox face that slips on your head via a fabric-covered headband. Add it to an orange sweatsuit for the party or a sleek black business suit at work for a cool work-meets-play Halloween success! 

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