Flower Costume for Toddlers


Pick yourself the cutest flower in the entire world when you dress your kid up in this Toddler Flower Costume! People say kids grow like weeds, but yours will grow like a beautiful flower.

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Pick of the PatchWelcome to the flower garden! As you can see, we have any bloom your heart desires within our well-kept raised beds. Roses nod their blushing heads in the far corner, wafting beautiful scents on the morning breeze. Snapdragons grin smugly from their rich soil, standing stiff and upright away from the cheerfully sprawling petunias. Everything from azaleas to zinnias grows happily, waiting to be picked for a beautiful arrangement – what’s that? Oh, that one is a Toddlerius Sunflowerius! Very rare, yes. Besides being super cute, it tends to giggle a lot, chase the butterflies, and resist being watered because it’s too much like bathtime. It’s definitely our favorite! Product DetailsA rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but any other costume than this exclusive Flower Toddler Costume might be less fitting to your little one’s blooming personality! The green jumpsuit is softer than a fresh-mown lawn, and comes with a pair of green mitts and shoe covers. Big fabric leaves ring the collar, and a slip-on hood resembling the petals and center of a sunflower frames your sweetie’s adorable face. Flower PowerPlants are amazing! They smell delicious, clean the air, and make us happy. While your little one might not always smell fresh as a daisy, we bet that he or she is fantastic at making everyone laugh and smile. It might be a little late in the year to see the sap-and-chlorophyll version of the plant, but lucky Halloween aficionados will love spotting this fabulous flower around their neighborhoods! 

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