First Lady Costume for Women


If you’ve got an itch to imitate Jackie Kennedy’s flawless style and fashion, start with this First Lady Adult Costume. You’ll need it before your White House debut!

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Face the NationBecoming a national icon is a lot of responsibility. There are so many ways to rile up the nation’s citizens. You can’t be caught making any kind of social mistake. No biting your nails while listening to a boring political speech. No coughing powdered sugar all over yourself when you try and bite into a beignet with grace and utterly fail. You don’t want to get caught dozing on public transportation or smiling with lettuce caught in your teeth. In short, you’d have to remember that you’re the face of the nation at all times. The best way to remember your station? Dressing the part, of course! So if you’re ready to move into the white house as the first lady, you’re sure to love this stunning costumeProduct DetailsYou’ll be a vision of mid-century style, grace, and poise when you wear this First Lady Adult Costume. The dress is a perfect example of dignified 60’s fashion design. This pink dress has a wide Peter Pan collar and subtly puffed capped sleeves. The dropped waist is accented with a playful bow and falls into a pleated skirt. This fitted dress zips up the back to make transforming into a first lady legend a breeze. The ensemble is topped off with a pillbox hat that looks perfect with a polished sixties hairstyle. A Graceful GazeWhen you’re slipping into an elegant character, details are everything! Polish off your look with pumps, nylons, white gloves, and a string of pearls. With a polished hairstyle and a winning smile, you’re sure to make a stunning entrance to any event. Now all you have to do is figure out how to keep up your perfectly polished appearance. We’re sure you’re up for the task, just steer clear of any powdered donuts!

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